It’s predicted that by 2013, 90% of internet traffic will be video based. (source Reel SEO)  

So, considering that 59% of executives prefer video over reading text, and that companies who use video for promotion see a 20 -40% rise in sales, you can see that video marketing is a powerful business marketing tool.

Video marketing is proven to increase sales

I’ve experienced the power of video marketing when my business partner and I generated just shy of a six figure product launch in January 2012, using video marketing strategies.

Video allows you to create a strong connection with your audience, and it helps them to build a relationship with your company. Whether you’re the chief executive of a multi national business or owner of a local company, having a professional video featuring you, your staff or your products and services has the potential to increase your customer base and win new business.

Full pre production support to create powerful & engaging video

For video marketing to be successful it not only has to engage your audience but deliver a clear message that supports your business objectives.

We work with you to clarify and craft your message, and we take care of pre production so that you are relaxed and confident on the shoot.  We undertake the postproduction editing resulting in a professional and compelling piece of tv. that is fully optimized for the generation of leads to your business.