Building a list of subscribers who have an interest in your product or service is an excellent way to keep them up to date about your business.

It’s cost effective to use email marketing, by simply creating an opt in form on your website, usually in exchange for receiving advice or information. Your subscribers then enjoy regular, personalised, content from you .

As we buy from those we know like and trust, it’s one of the reasons why email marketing is growing as a too, as your perceived level of trust grows as you provide useful content, tips and ideas via email.

We’ll set up your email campaigns, manage the content, continuously measure and analyse the results and show you how to turn your email subscribers into customers

If you’d like to know more about this simple and effective marketing technique works, we’ll show you what to expect, write the copy for you and set up your auto responders system.

Simply email info@resultswithmarketing and we’ll respond quickly