Using video in your marketing is the very best way to start the process of building a relationship with a visitor to your website, before they meet you or begin to engage with your company.

Video Increases Sales

Considering that 59% of executives prefer video over reading text, and that companies who use video for promotion see a 20-40% increase in sales, you can see that video marketing for business is an important consideration and a powerful tool.

Video has other benefits too, when properly optimised for the search engines, it increases your chances of reaching the front page of Google by 53x.  Source Forrester.

The most important part is the preparation; we help you clarify your message

The key to creating successful video is not in the filming itself, although that is important, but in the preparation, for example if you want to create an opening video for your web site that explains what you do, then carefully crafting your message to bring out all the salient points so that your audience relate to you and your business offering, is essential.

We work with you to create your specific message whether it’s for a website, networking follow up, social media purposes or internal communication. We’ll ensure you’re confident and relaxed for the shoot, we take care of the post production too resulting in a professional piece of t.v, which can be fully optimised for the generation of leads to your business.

65% According to a survey conducted by Forbes Insights in 2010, 65% of C-Level and senior executives visited 65% of c-level and senior executivesvisited a vendors website after viewing a video.

Forbes Insights