Responsive Website Design

With the rapid increase in sales of tablets, and smart phones it means that we are viewing websites through many different devices, so checking if your website has a responsive website design is worth worth doing.

So take a look and see how your website looks on different mobile devices, or look at your website on a computer and see if it reconfigures itself as you bring in the sides of the screen, can you read your website content fully in the different sizes?

If you can’t then it’s worth giving thought to how you are going to ensure that your website can be seen by visitors to your site using different devices, and a responsive website design is the answer to achieve that.

To overcome this some companies have gone down the route of having a separate website designed just for mobile devices, but to me this seems cumbersome, when it can be achieved with one site.

The rationale for having two websites has been that because the text space is reduced on a mobile, the copy needs to be shorter and written specifically for a mobile device, I’m not convinced this is necessary, but caveat it with understanding the client’s specific needs and market before making a decision.

A responsive website design, will adapt the images and content on your website automatically to the devise that is being used, giving the viewer an optimal viewing experience. If you’re still not sure that it’s necessary or worth the effort to have a responsive website design, the following numbers might convince you!

Statistics support the case for having responsive website design, with experts predicting that by 2014 the majority of web traffic will be mobile, it currently stands at between 10 – 15%.

Mobile searches quadrupled last year, with one in seven searches coming from a mobile, and in the USA 25% of internet users are mobile only, I have to say that statistic surprised me.

So what are your options to having a responsive website design? First I’d recommend having a look at your website statistics and see how many people are coming to your site from a mobile devise, if it’s only a small fraction,  you can keep an eye on it and make a change to a responsive website design when the number increases.

If you already have a WordPress website there are plugins that you can use to make your website readable on a mobile device, I have WPtouch on one of my websites and it works very well, as it automatically transforms your WordPress website for mobile devices, when viewed from popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+ mobile devices, and others

If you are in the process of thinking about updating your website, then I’d highly recommend having a WordPress responsive website design, this website for example uses the WordPress Avada theme, one of many inexpensive responsive website design templates.

If you’re now thinking that a responsive website design is the way forward we have the experience and the patience to make it a successful and worthwhile  migration.