why video marketing - is it worth the effort?

video marketing is fast becoming a staple of the marketing mix, but how valuable is it to business performance?

Let’s have a look at some video marketing statistics.


A recent Forbes report* shows that over 90% of respondents prefer to receive their information through video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps.  These are interesting video marketing statistics.

Video marketing is now an essential part of any marketing strategy, and done well, is proven to increase conversions.

In addition to that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine on the web and of course we all know who owns it don’t we?   Yes our dear friends Google.

I  have been involved in video production since 2004 a full 6 months before YouTube was born.  Back then I remember it really required some convincing to get people to invest in using video to promote their business.  But not now!

So why is video marketing now becoming so popular?

Because once you can see the whites of someone’s eyes – whether it’s a customer testimonial or a passionate, un-scripted pitch – you really are unlocking the power of what video, and only video, can do – which is to create a powerful emotional connection between you and your audience.

Can video marketing create confidence in your brand?

You see people really do buy from people they know like and trust and outside of a face to face meeting nothing can do that quite like video.

What we’re finding is that good quality produced videos that are placed on a web page will help visitors to your website increase the amount of time they spend there, and that increase the chances of them creating that all important emotional connection with you.

So how can leverage this 100% human connection to video?

Well the important thing to know about video marketing (in this respect) is that it can go a long way in representing your brand, so it’s up to you to decide in how you want your audience to perceive you. Shaky camera technique, improper exposure and bad audio are all it takes for a viewer to stop watching.

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So what would be a great way to get started on your video journey?

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To your video marketing success

Terry Malloy

* http://www.forbes.com/sites/seanrosensteel/2013/01/28/why-online-video-is-vital-for-your-2013-content-marketing-objectives/


This article was written by Guest Blogger Terry Malloy owner of  Video Focus